Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are provided for a better understanding of the Expansions. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Purpose and Editorial Policy

Q: What are the Expansions articles about?
A: The contents of Expansions are useful for the development of theory and technology related to the natural sciences, and for the exchange of knowledge and mutual enlightenment of institutions and individuals interested in the natural sciences.

Publishing and Archiving Articles

Q: How are the Expansions articles published?
A: Expansions articles are published irregularly in open-access electronic media,and are available for free to all.

About Manuscripts

Q: What types of manuscripts does Expansions accept?
A: Expansions accepts two types of manuscripts: (1) preprints and (2) direct submissions. Preprints are manuscripts that have already been posted on a preprint server, while direct submissions are manuscripts that have not yet been posted on a preprint server.

About APC

Q: Is there a publishing fee for articles published on Expansions?
A: No, articles published on Expansions are free to publish.

About Peer Review

Q: What criteria are considered during the process of peer review?
A: Peer review is conducted based on both form and content. Formal criteria encompass factors such as manuscript size, formatting, and the suitability of the theme for expansion. Content-related criteria encompass the value, effectiveness, reliability, and comprehensibility of the work.

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